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When you have a piece of art, a photograph or any item that you want framed, you have several options. With a photo, you can buy a ready-made photo frame at almost any store. For a print or poster however, you will want to customize your framing to suit the artwork and environment in which it will be displayed. You will want a selection of colours and quality framing options.

Designing your frame

You can follow this process through our online Framing Gallery:
  1. Select the frame colour from our Framing Studio.
  2. Choose the actual frame style and size to suit your taste. We offer a variety of quality wooden frames to suit a variety of decors.
  3. Select the matboard. There are two main reasons to select a matboard; firstly it lifts the glass off the artwork minimizing the condensation that can sit on the artwork and when used, acid-free matboards contain no impurities which can damage the art they surround, & secondly to visually enhance the finished product. We only use acid-free matboards and acid-free backing boards ensuring longevity of life for your artwork.
  4. If you decide to include a matboard in your framing you will need to select a colour from our Mat Studio. There are various rules which our framers apply to your framed print to 'tweak' the finished product to ensure a spectacular result. For example, the width of the matboard should never match the width of the frame. This tends to draw the eye away from the art the matboard surrounds. Good design based on commonly accepted framing principles is something we apply to all framing jobs.
  5. Perhaps the best reason to custom frame your personal and well-loved works of art is that a professional picture framer has the skills and materials necessary to preserve and protect them as closely as possible to their original condition. The use of glass or laminate is beneficial since it protects the artwork from dust and some moisture. You can select either of these in our online framing Gallery. We can also offer special UV filtering glazing to protect the artwork from the irreversible damage caused by light exposure. Please contact us for more information about UV filtering glass.
Hint: See our article about Framing Aesthetics

What is block mounting?

Our block mounting process permanently sticks your choice of print or poster to 20mm thick 'PictureMount' foamboard. This is a durable, light weight board which is easy to handle and hang. This block mounting technique is very popular with our corporate clients, including photographers, who are looking for a cost effective and attractive way of displaying their artworks. All work and materials are fully guaranteed, so your satisfaction is assured.

Why PictureStore framing?

If you were planning to build a new home for your family, would you ask the person working in your local hardware store to draw up the plans? If you were sick, would you ask the checkout person at your drug store to diagnose and treat your illness? Probably not. The same reasoning applies to your decision to use PictureStore's conservation framing services.

We use only quality materials and all workmanship is guaranteed and delivery fully insured!

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