10 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In With Your Beach Holiday Home

A beach house is a place of repose and as such, you want it to have a calming atmosphere. You’ve already got the beach on your doorstep, but what about bringing that natural setting into your home? Here are ten ideas for decorating your beach house today:


Though they may look strange on a bookshelf in your urban residence, you can’t go wrong with seashells in a beach holiday house. Ornamenting the coffee table and bookshelves with a carefree arrangement of shells will automatically make your guests feel closer to the ocean.

For the best effect, tastefully fill a glass bowl with small shells collected fresh from the beach or purchase large clam and conch shells from interior design stores to use as a table centrepiece. Even your walls can be decorated with sea shells prints with a tasteful painting.

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Nothing suggests proximity to water like a nautical theme. Blue and white stripes are the way to go here. You can find cushions, couches, or mats with this pattern, or you can go one step further and paint a door or a set of shelves a sailor’s favourite colours. Complete the theme with pictures, paintings or photographs of sailors.

[Image sourced from Seven Stars and Stripes]


An alternative to the nautical theme is a subtler beach theme. If you want to mimic your beach surroundings, make the interior of your house in harmony with its location. The ocean and the beach alike adopt subtle tones of colours like turquoise, aqua marine, and sand yellow. These are generally cool colours that aid relaxation.

When choosing the colour theme for your beach house, keep the theme in mind not just for the walls, doors and window frames. The furnishings also need to blend in with the room itself. White or beige furniture and ornamentations make a great contrast to subtle shades of blue, green and yellow.

The simpler the room, the greater the effect. Maximise the amount of space in the room by being sparse with furniture and decorations. Highlight window by using light or transparent curtains.


As with shells, the tasteful use of coral and starfish can be really effective in a beach house. You can decorate a bathroom with coral touches, or place several ceramic starfish on the wall as a feature. Or you can combine either (or both!) option with a shell display.


To appeal to the olfactory senses, a generous scattering of scented candles throughout a beach house can add to the seaside feel. Tropical fragrances such as coconut, lime, mango and frangipani are all conducive to beach settings.


Driftwood connotes the romantic aspect of the beach; driftwood is the wood that washes up on shore from far off places, its origins unknown and stories untold.

Today, reusing driftwood can create a fashionable addition to your beach house. Whether shaped into a table top or whittled into a snazzy picture frame, driftwood evokes a sense of seaside adventure.


The beach can be a rugged, rough, unforgiving place. The salty breeze loves nothing more than to erode, rust, and weather. So why not mimic that effect in your home?

Rustic furnishings can look really stunning in a beach house. Pictures and mirrors can be framed with whitewashed wood or the brushed aqua blue look. Bamboo, cane, or rattan furniture compliment the rustic feel, while jute or seagrass matting provides the perfect flooring.


Models of boats serve as great centerpieces for the table or inspiration for bookshelves. You can buy prow-shaped bookshelves from interior design stores. Oars can be great wall decorations. Surfboards also make good decorations, or you can get ultra-creative and fashion an old surfboard into a table. Finally, a good piece of wall art can really inspire you to get out onto the rolling waves yourself.

[Image sourced from Completely Coastal]


A house would be incomplete without the addition of a bit of beachy wall art. Whether you choose to emphasise shells, boats, or sailors, wall prints can enhance the other features of a beach holiday house. Match the paintings, photographs or prints to the colour choices of a room and select framing with a beachy theme.


There’s nothing like relaxing in a hammock on the porch of your beach house, being gently rocked by the breeze and listening to the tinkling of wind chimes. Wind chimes remind you, even when a storm is coming and the doors are closed, that you are nevertheless beside the beach.

You can create wind chimes from the coral and shells you collect. Or you can buy them from an interior design store; you can even get chimes fashioned as fish, starfish, or sea horses to reinforce the beach theme.

When designing your beach home, it’s important to go after your own tastes and personality. If you prefer bright, bold decorations, a sailor’s theme may be the way to go. Brightly-painted decorations of shells and coral along with striking unusual displays, such as surfboards may suit your personal style more than subtle hues.

Whatever your taste, you want to create a home that not only reminds you you’re near the beach, but inspires you to go out and enjoy it. Nothing is better about owning a beach holiday house than making the most of its location.

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