Bringing the Art Community Together: Colour In Your Life

Interior design means so much more than the proper arrangement of furniture. If you really want to captivate an audience, you'll need wall art that not only looks good with the decor but tells a story as well.

Now you can search for the perfect piece of art for your walls based on any number of factors while helping promote the community from which it came. Colour In Your Life is a website and TV series designed to do just that and more by bringing the widespread world of art together into a single community.

What is Colour In Your Life?

Colour In Your Life is a television show and web page designed to build and connect the artist community worldwide. It is a place for artists to come together to collaborate, discuss inspirations and support one another.

Similar to social sites like Facebook, Colour In Your Life is a community of artists and art fans alike. It allows artists to post information and ask advice, check out upcoming events and follow their own friends and groups.

In addition to their social platform, Colour In Your Life has an online art gallery filled with some of the best independently-created art in the world. It can be sorted by theme, style or medium making Colour In Your Life one of the best places to find - and purchase - local art work.

You can also check out their events page where you'll find classes about learning to draw or developing an artistic perspective. You can even create your own event if there is something you would like to share with other artists in your area.

Because Colour In Your Life is intended to be a community resource rather than just an art gallery and store, all artists are invited to contribute to the forums as well as the show. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just have an eye for good design, the creators of Colour In Your Life know how valuable insight is and encourage you to drop them a line or apply to be on the show.

But perhaps the best thing about the Colour In Your Life website is the web store platform where artists can not only display their hard work for the world to see, but actually sell it as well. There is no fee to list items, just commission based off of sales. This is a wonderful initiative, because struggling artists shouldn't have to wait to die for their work to be noticed.

How you can use the website

Navigating the Colour In Your Life website is a snap, too. With their easy-to-navigate toolbar, you can move from the gallery or store to a directory of art-related businesses. You can even join in on the conversation from their community tab to connect with artists in your area. Just sign up with a username and password, customise your profile, and then start networking.

If you would like to learn more about specific artistic styles and techniques, then we invite you to check out some past episodes of Colour In Your Life where you will see just what is involved in making a piece of canvas come to life. One such example that helps describe the powerful impact of colour is this episode featuring mixed media artist Rebecca Brady.

You can find out more information about all of the great things this site has to offer at the bottom of their home page where you'll find links specially designed for either artists or promoters.

Their website is still fairly new (having officially launched in the summer of 2011) and we predict strong traffic growth as more and more people learn about the site and its potential for artists and art connoisseurs alike.

If you want to get the most out of the Colour In Your Life website, sign up for updates and community membership. It is through this venue that you can become more than a spectator but rather an active part of the art community.

The ultimate goal of this site is to create a "library of the minds" in which artists and fans can gather to collaborate on the many things that are related to right-brained thinking; mediums, techniques, impressions and expressions are all more valuable when you can share them with an audience. It is through the expression of art that ideas are born, and art that inspires can change lives.

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Richard Tarrant - Founder and CEO of PictureStore Pty Ltd
Richard is founder and CEO of PictureStore and has worked since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians. Google+

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