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The arts have played a unique role in the development and expression of Australian culture. Through Australian art we can learn about the values, traditions, beliefs and outlook of the Australian artists that created them and in them discover the truth about our past and present.

Each piece of artwork captures something of the Australian spirit and culture and condenses it into a form that can be hung, admired and used to communicate to others. From traditional and ancient Aboriginal artwork to contemporary Australian photography, each piece has a unique story to tell.

Why should you buy Australian Artwork?

  • Celebrate your Australian identity - A piece of Australian artwork will celebrate your culture and heritage and communicate this to friends and family. Purchasing Australian artwork supports local artists and brings a feeling of being part of a bigger community.
  • Banish bare walls - Bare walls in your home make it look like you've either just moved in or you've just moved out, neither of which is a particularly good look! A great piece of artwork can give your house a true homely feel and brighten up the walls. Buying Australian art can help enhance and celebrate the local features of your home and garden as well.
  • Make an investment - Unlike a new carpet or lamp, an original piece of artwork can gain in value over time. At the very least you are likely to be able to sell it in the future for what you bought it for. Art can be an excellent investment and you never know what artworks created by up-and-coming Australian artists may be worth in ten or twenty years time. Your purchase is not only an investment in art but also an investment in the young and upcoming Australian artists who created it.


Since July 2000 PictureStore has been selling Australian-made artwork. Australian owned and operated, we have been trusted by more than 40,000 Australians for artwork purchases. By purchasing your Australian artwork from an Australian vendor you are not only investing in artwork that celebrates your Australian identity but you are also benefiting an Australian business with Australian employees.

PictureStore has received outstanding customer reviews and our service is backed by an Australian customer service center so if you do need help you can speak to someone local, knowledgeable and friendly to get it. If you are considering making a purchase but still have questions why not call our customer service on 1300 137 670 and we'd be happy to help.

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Richard Tarrant - Founder and CEO of PictureStore Pty Ltd
Richard is founder and CEO of PictureStore and has worked since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians. Google+

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