Framing Aesthetics

Aesthetics in picture framing is just another word for 'looking good'. When it comes to framing, you want your picture to look impressive in its frame. A well framed picture draws attention to the piece by enhancing the image and informing the viewer that what's inside the frame is important or special. Whatever this image may be, whether it's a masterpiece or a sentimental token, it is the frame that will enhance the visual impact of the art. It should never dominate the picture but compliment it.

"There is no standard choice when it comes to choosing your frame." You can select something unobtrusive or glamorous but there are many options in between. There are some combinations that crop up time and time again, such as black frames with large white mats for black and white photographs, gold frames for traditional oils and using a second mat for pictures where you wish to highlight a particular colour. These combinations reoccur simply because they work well with the picture creating a fantastic visual image. However, these combinations are by no means the 'rule'. "The variety of mats and mouldings available these days has created enormous freedom when selecting custom framing." Getting the right advice is essential in ensuring that the selection of framing does your picture justice.

It is advisable to focus upon the image itself when getting something framed. You want the frame to suit the style of picture. Although you may love your picture and you may love a certain frame, the two may not go well together. The style, colour and even the size of the image need to be taken into account. It is only then that you can settle on the combination of frame and mat board.

Nevertheless, an image is often versatile enough to consider not only the picture itself but also the surroundings it will inhabit. In these instances you should think about what the room looks like, what furniture is nearby and what would suit the decor as a whole. If you think that you might like to move the picture occasionally, you should choose a frame that will suit a variety of environments within your home.

When you ask PictureStore to frame your print, we take all these things into account. We want your print or poster to look great. Our staff have over 10 years framing experience and have seen a copious number of pictures come in bare and go back out as an eye-catching framed picture. This experience and talent for design enable us to guarantee your satisfaction. We provide online suggestions and are happy to hear your feedback and recommendations. Together, we can make an "aesthetic" decision.

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