How to Make a Smarter Workplace with Art

We know what it’s like to sit at your office desk eight hours a day, five days a week. The tasks can be mind-numbing and you can find your attention dangerously drifting away from the piles of work before you.

But if you have something to look at and to contemplate, a 'screen break' away from the computer, you can be inspired, motivated, calmed and focused.

Visual art has different effects upon different people. An artwork can evoke a fond memory and give you a split-second holiday from the daily workplace grind. And that split-second can be hugely important for your mind. Looking at art, you can find repose from workplace stresses and pressures and gain momentum to go on with your work.

Installing visual art in a workplace is beneficial to businesses and their employees in a multitude of ways. Wall art can improve workplace efficiency and productivity as well as improving morale and mood. Here are a few ways PictureStore found art creates a smarter workplace that helps employees work smart:

Art Boosts Morale

A workplace employees dread going to will not produce stunning business results. Hanging wall art personalises a workplace, giving employees a focal point into which they can pour their stresses and pressures and from which they can draw inspiration and motivation.

A research survey by the Business Committee for the Art Inc and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors revealed that 82 percent of employees said art was important in the work environment while 73 percent said they would view their company differently if the art was removed.

Wall art can create a positive working environment. Positivity in turn makes employees more open-minded and innovative. Innovation promotes new ideas, products and services, which contributes to a productive workplace.

Wall Art Improves Mood (Hence Productivity)

If you have employees running to a deadline, the worst thing that could happen is they panic and fail to perform. Wall art can help with this. Colours have been shown to have different effects on people, some of which would be largely beneficial in a workplace.

For example a painting that emphasises blue, such as an endless ocean, can have a calming effect in a workplace. Blue enhances mental control. This helps employees calm their fears and focus their mind on the task at hand, which in turn promotes productivity.

Brighter colours encourage higher focus, task accuracy, strength and energy. It could affect employees’ work by producing stronger, more accurate and more insightful results from the get-go.

Art Encourages Critical Thinking

Integral to an effective, smarter workplace is active critical thinking in all employees. Critical thinking includes the ability to use logic and reasoning to solve problems. Better critical thinking allows your employees to see connections between ideas and topics and to more deeply conceptualise and interpret information.

Viewing visual art has been linked to improvements in critical thinking. In 2011, scientists tested groups of school students visiting an art museum.

They found that after the experience, the children showed stronger critical thinking skills, higher levels of social tolerance, greater historical empathy, and even better recall. You can read more about it in this New York Times article.

The Benefits of Art in the Workplace

There is no doubt wall art has a home in the workplace. It has boundless benefits to address those negative workplace traits that can stifle productivity.

It can reduce stress and promote positivity and optimism. It can inspire, encourage and motivate workers to pursue better, higher standards of work.

But best of all, it creates a home away from home for employees so that they feel positive about going to work every day. And that’s really the best motivator you can have.

Richard Tarrant - Bio

Richard Tarrant - Founder and CEO of PictureStore Pty Ltd
Richard is founder and CEO of PictureStore and has worked since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians. Google+

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