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Six Ways Art Will Enhance Your Business

Today many people spend more time at work than they do at home. For this reason it’s important to create a workplace that is inviting and comfortable. A workplace where people want to work, benefits a company to no end.

In a 2012 online survey by the British Council for Offices and International Art Consultants, 93.8 percent of respondents said that art makes the workplace feel more welcoming. But art has even more benefits than this.

Art is not just a decorative tool or a financial investment. Whether the workplace is a medical center or an accountant’s office, hanging art on the wall can have a positive impact on the business’s appearance as well as its workers’ performances. Here are 6 ways how:

1. It improves company image

For visitors to a workplace, displaying artwork in the reception area and along the corridors of the office promotes a positive image of the business. Choosing the right artwork allows a business to highlight its uniqueness and personalises the company. There is no doubt that having tasteful and well-displayed artwork is suggestive of company success, endowing trust and confidence in visitors.

Additionally, displaying art has a much more pragmatic purpose: it provides something for waiting guests to look at and can be a great conversational icebreaker.

2. It shows a local connection

Art has communicative value in that it can portray specific business values. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the business's connection to the community. If a business is local, displaying artwork based on local elements and produced by local artists emphasises a commitment to the community.

3. It enhances staff moods

Using artwork is a good way to inject colour into an otherwise bland workplace – and the right selection of colours in your artwork can increase productivity at work.

Extensive research has shown that different colours promote certain moods and enhance some mental functions.

Shades of blue, for example, have a calming effect. They are therefore effective in medical clinics, hospitals, or aged care homes to soothe uneasy patients. An upshot of blue’s calming influences is that it helps enhance mental control and so promotes productivity.

Likewise, pink calms the emotions, lessening feelings of irritation, discouragement, and burden. Orange boosts self-esteem and yellow makes people feel alert, which in turn promotes decision-making and clear thinking.

The brighter colours, particularly reds, have been associated with higher focus and task accuracy, as well as being linked to feelings of strength and energy. Young and innovative companies would do well to display pictures with brighter colours to accentuate their youth and zeal.

4. It promotes innovation

If artwork can create a positive working environment, it also encourages innovation. Positivity has been found to make us more open-minded and more willing to think outside the square.

Innovation in turn is considered critical to a healthy, competitive business model. It translates new knowledge into new ideas, products and services, which gives a business a competitive edge.

5. It creates space

Nobody likes to be stuck indoors all day and staff respond well to a stimulating environment. While natural elements such as large windows and plenty of light are preferable, this is sometimes impossible to achieve in smaller workplaces or those crowded in by city skyscrapers. Without a visually stimulating environment, the workers can lose focus and their senses become dulled.

If you don’t have access to the big outdoors, pictures are the next best thing. A large landscape piece across a vast space of wall can open up the workplace, imitating the effect of a window to the outside world. It makes the space look larger so the workers don’t feel hemmed in.

6. It encourages creativity and inspiration

In the 2012 online survey, 60.8 percent of respondents said that they feel art in the workplace stimulates creativity in staff.

The right side of the brain – the ‘creative’ side – responds to art. Pictures can promote powerful imagery, provoking thought and sparking the synapses in the brain to get the creative juices flowing. So when employees look up from their computer screen, having inspiring artwork to look at is ideal creative encouragement. They will return to their work with renewed energy and inspiration.

Today, more attention than ever before is applied to the workplace environment as part of an overall strategy to increase workplace productivity. Placing artwork on the walls is one simple way to improve the image of the workplace and the quality of the work undertaken there.

Richard Tarrant - Bio

Richard Tarrant - Founder and CEO of PictureStore Pty Ltd
Richard is founder and CEO of PictureStore and has worked since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians. Google+

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