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The Top Reasons You’ll Love the Australian Artist Magazine

Imagine visiting your favourite art gallery in Australia and viewing your favourite piece of artwork in real life. Now imagine having the opportunity to see the artist create that piece of work from scratch.

The Australian Artist magazine gives you this opportunity. It’s one of Australia and New Zealand’s foremost publications for aspiring and professional artists alike. This is where the antipodean community can come together (in spirit!) to share their passion and refine their skills.

Australian Artist began in 1984 as a way to connect budding artists with professionals across Australia and New Zealand. The glossy publication of 84 pages is brought out monthly to the enjoyment of Aussie artists and art-lovers. Here are the top reasons why it’s so popular:

It has high-quality pages full of pictures that will inspire you

This is a magazine you’ll want on your coffee table. It’s the kind of magazine you’ll pick up and peruse time and again. That’s because it’s full of big and bright pictures of the latest works from renowned Aussie artists.

These pictures include trending images that have won competitions nationally. But there is also a Master Painters Showcase section that reveals the work from exceptional artists. Beside beautiful pictures of extraordinary art, you can read articles about where the artist found their inspiration and how they completed their work.

It helps you crack the market

The magazine is complete with a list of upcoming competitions for professional and budding artists. This could be your chance to give your work some important exposure.

Competitions also motivate you to keep working, even when you’re feeling discouraged or if your muse has disappeared. Sometimes you need a bit of stimulation to keep going, and once you’ve overcome your artist’s block, you can produce some of your best work.

It contains lots of quality information to improve your skills

The feature articles in the magazine showcases established artists who tutor you through their own work process. You’re taken into their studio and shown how they recreate a scene before them from start to finish, whether it’s still-life or a landscape, with watercolours or acrylics.

You can treat these as step-by-step guides – indeed, the magazine includes workshop challenges – where you can pick your own scene and use the steps in the magazine to go from outline to completion.

Even if you’re not an artist, you can discover how artists create their amazing pieces from scratch. Sometimes not knowing the art helps you appreciate even more how your favourite prints are produced.

It keeps you connected

One of the first parts of the magazine is Portfolio, a section which highlights the most important news and events that happened on the Australian and Kiwi art scene over the past two months.

Staying in touch with the art community can be an important part of learning your art. You can get inspiration, meet up with people who share your passion, and learn endlessly from the artists around you.

Finally, the magazine even offers art tours. These are like educational holidays for aspiring artists. You can accompany world famous artists on sight-seeing trips to far-off places and simultaneously learn how to capture those sights.

Australian Artist is an invaluable resource that can be delivered to your door monthly. It will give you behind-the-scenes insight into the worlds of your favourite artists. You’ll find endless amounts of inspiration, techniques and resources in this magazine, whether you’re simply a collector of art or a budding artist.

Image credit: The front cover of an issue of Australian Artist, by Australian Artist.

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