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Get Motivated with Art

The ways in which art helps you to achieve your goals are manifold. From making your goals seem within reach to serving as a constant reminder for you to work towards their outcome, art can be hugely beneficial in giving you the push to achieving your resolutions.

Art Makes Your Goal Seem Tangible

What better way to motivate yourself than to put an image of your goal on a prominent wall in your house or office?

Art can be highly motivational on a more pragmatic level. When we see something depicted in a work of art, our brain perceives it as possible and obtainable.

We can be motivated to achieve the beauty or serenity depicted in the art, or the power, happiness, or satisfaction we see in it. Some portion of our mind thinks, “it is in that artwork, therefore it can be mine.”

A photograph of a foreign place, for example, can be used as an incentive to save up for the trip of a lifetime. More abstractly, an image of a dancer can be used as a daily reminder that only through practice can you mimic the image’s grace and poise.

Motivational art, for example, usually has an emotive image accompanied by an aspirational message. These types of prints can be very effective in encouraging you to be strong and confident, to step outside your boundaries, or to pursue your dreams.

Art Introduces New Ideas and Perspectives

Artwork may motivate you in ways you never expected. It opens you up to new ideas and perspectives and encourages you to engage in new discussions that could potentially lead you to redefine your goals.

You can never prepared yourself for how you are going to respond to a particular image. Artwork summons up memories and hidden desires.

As a result, seeing a new piece of artwork hanging on a wall can stir up unexpected emotions. Perhaps it is a portrait of a happy family or a house by the beach, but whatever the subject, art can trigger a new goal in you.

Art Motivates You To Work Hard

Art isn’t just a symbolic way to motivate you to achieve goals. It can also help contribute to their achievement.

Colours are a particularly important aspect of office motivation. Research has found that staff have subtle emotional responses to particular colours. Blue, for example, calms the body and clears the mind. This enhances mental control and leads to greater productivity. Orange boosts self-esteem and yellow promotes decision-making and clear thinking. Red, meanwhile, is linked to feelings of strength and energy, and influences higher focus and task accuracy.

All these factors lead to a more effective and efficient work ethic. Art encourages open-mindedness, which leads to innovation, risk-taking and creativity. It also promotes living in the present and its subject material can fuel the imagination. All of this helps with motivation.

Imagine struggling with writer’s block, looking up at a stimulating picture, and being seized with a new idea that encourages you to keep writing. Artwork does this.

Why Wall Art?

Wall art is easy to move, change or update. Your goals will change as you grow. Your living arrangements may change, your family will grow (or shrink) and your financial status will fluctuate. Life is, after all, a constantly changing adventure.

With wall art, it is easy to select new art that reflects all of these changes. The selection of art prints available today is immense, and constantly growing. This means that you will invariably find something new that will motivate you to keep pursuing your dreams.

Richard Tarrant - Bio

Richard Tarrant - Founder and CEO of PictureStore Pty Ltd
Richard is founder and CEO of PictureStore and has worked since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians. Google+

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