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School Of Athens (Detail, Right)

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Raphael Sanzio was born in Urbino during the Italian Renaissance where he received his earliest training from his father. In his early career, Raphael worked in Florence concentrating on religious subjects. At 26 years of age, he went to Rome where he worked for Pope Julius II, decorating the papal apartments. During this period, Raphael expanded his repertoire to include portraits and mythological subjects. While Raphael was influenced by Leonardo and Michelangelo, he developed his own unique style. Many of his works went to leading political and social figures of the time. Although best known for his numerous Madonnas, Raphael's remarkable talent extended beyond painting, allowing him to achieve considerable success in architecture and tapestry design. Raphael is regarded as one of the three greatest influences of Italian Renaissance art, along with Michelangelo and Leonardo. His art embodied the classical ideals of the High Renaissance style.

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