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Jennifer Goldberger has been creating art since she was a child. With her breadth of experience and formal training, not to mention a number of scholarships, she has developed a flexible style which incorporates shabby chic, vintage and abstract styles which she applies to a wide range of subjects. Many of Goldberger's artworks include Roman styling, architectural features and classic objects.

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Subject: RE: PictureStore Ronald West Prints Hi Richard, thank you for that amazing print (Sunset Dance) that you sent me. We are really happy with the colour and quality, it is now at the Framer, and we expect to hang it in a couple of weeks. We would like to order another of Ronald West’s prints from you. DATE NIGHT IV 66 X 50 cm Web site code:505069 Reference number: W1128D in your list of prints below. Could you please confirm availability and I will order through your Website. I’ll call you tomorrow to confirm. Kind Regards Lindsay

Lindsay Hawke, Christchurch , Canterbury , New Zealand 

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