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Realism, in its broadest sense, is often used interchangeably with Naturalism. This is art which aims to reproduce reality accurately and objectively. As a phase of nineteen-century art, Realism refers to down to earth art which rejects the idealistic tendencies of Romanticism.

The leader of this movement was French Artist, Courbet, who concentrated on reproducing what was immediately accessible to him. He said, “painting is essentially a concrete art and must be applied to real and existing things”. The impact of photography on Realism is evident by the fact that realist art can be often mistaken for a photograph due to its acute attention to detail.

Chianti Classico

Stefano Ferreri View all by

Chianti Classico poster print by Stefano Ferreri

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  • 40 x 40cm

Redcurrant Tea

Colin Fraser View all by

Redcurrant Tea poster print by Colin Fraser


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  • 40 x 40cm


Jean Francois Millet View all by

Threshers poster print by Jean Francois Millet


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  • 24 x 27cm

Africa - Cape of Good Hope

Henry Salt View all by

Africa - Cape of Good Hope poster print by Henry Salt



Jim Daly View all by

Artiste poster print by Jim Daly


Bamboo Lengths

Boyce Watt View all by

Bamboo Lengths poster print by Boyce Watt


Big Decision

Norman Rockwell View all by

Big Decision poster print by Norman Rockwell



Lucie Bilodeau View all by

Camouflage poster print by Lucie Bilodeau


Cheering The Champs

Norman Rockwell View all by

Cheering The Champs poster print by Norman Rockwell


Chiesa Della Salute

Guido Borelli View all by

Chiesa Della Salute poster print by Guido Borelli


Circle of Life I

Dianne Krumel View all by

Circle of Life I poster print by Dianne Krumel


Deer In Fall Forest

Michelle Mara View all by

Deer In Fall Forest poster print by Michelle Mara


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