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Romanticism was popular in Northern Europe and the US during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Romantic artists felt that imagination and individual expressions were important as opposed to the intellectual disciplines they removed themselves from. Their paintings often depict emotions of fear, desolation, victory and love.

Romanticism died out in the mid 19th century but romantic tendencies have been passed on to 20th century art such as Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism.

Some Romantic artists include Bierstadt, Blake, Constable, Friedrich, Gericault, Goya and Turner.

Early Morning At Cold Spring, 1850

Durand View all by

Early Morning At Cold Spring, 1850 poster print by  Durand


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  • 35 x 27cm

Roger And Angelica

Redon View all by

Roger And Angelica poster print by  Redon

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  • 36 x 28cm

Antique Wagon

Michael Humphries View all by

Antique Wagon poster print by Michael Humphries


Bonaparte At Mont St Bernard

Jacques-Louis David View all by

Bonaparte At Mont St Bernard poster print by Jacques-Louis David


First Kiss (Part)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau View all by

First Kiss (Part) poster print by William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Larch Tree

Ernst Heyn View all by

Larch Tree poster print by Ernst Heyn



Herzog View all by

Matterhorn poster print by  Herzog


Oak Tree

Ernst Heyn View all by

Oak Tree poster print by Ernst Heyn


Port of Amsterdam

Abraham J Storck View all by

Port of Amsterdam poster print by Abraham J Storck


Sun Dappled Vista

Diane Anderson View all by

Sun Dappled Vista poster print by Diane Anderson


Washington Crossing the Delaware

Emanuel Leutze View all by

Washington Crossing the Delaware poster print by Emanuel Leutze


Wine Cheese III

Jennifer Sosik View all by

Wine Cheese III poster print by Jennifer Sosik


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